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About Danae Beaudette



I am a Nutritional Consultant, Massage Therapist, Essential Oils Educator, and Sound Therapist. I have an office in Arvada, Colorado and Black Hawk Colorado, near Central City.  I have been practicing massage since 2001. I specialize in Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. I integrate the hot stones, aromatherapy, and if desired sound therapy with all of my massages. I have been a Certified Sound Therapist since 2014. I work with the crystal singing bowls, the Peaceful Warrior gong, shamanic drum, rain sticks, ocean drum and other vibrational healing tools creating a vibrational sound experience for the intention of facilitating healing both physically and energetically. In March 2017 I became a Certified Nutritional Consultant and I am consulting people on a one-on-one basis in regards to their health and wellness.

My Intention is to serve people on a WHOLE-istic basis regarding not just their physical health; internally and externally, but also their emotional health, spiritual health, and energetic health.

I love connecting with my local communities and creating a Tribe Life way of Life. We are one, we can work together to accomplish what we need.

















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