Nourishing Soulutions



Nutritional Consulting

$120 initial appointment

$70 per follow-up

* Appointments available in Arvada, Black Hawk, Central City, and over the phone



60 minutes   $80

90 minutes   $100

* Medical Massage $100 per hour, $120 per 90 minutes

I assure you that it will be a FULL 60 minute or 90 minute massage!

Locations in Arvada, Black Hawk, and Central City Colorado!

Price includes all the extras! Hot Stones, Essential Oils, Cold Marble Face Massage, etc.


VibroAccoustic Therapy

$25 to add VibroAccoustic Therapy to your massage

$35 VibroAccoustic Only


Community Vibrational Sound Meditations

Check out the Events page to see details about what is coming up next!

If you would like to set a Vibrational Sound Meditation Event Contact Danae via email


Investing in your health is an investment in you, VERY worth it!








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