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Vibrational Sound Meditations

Come and receive the sound energy of the vibrational sound tools being played, which move through the nervous system and chakras - opening, clearing and recharging the whole mind, body and spirit, triggering a meditation state in which you have the opportunity to relinquish control of the mind and let your body heal. Negativity and stress are suspended, resistance is cleared, and the whole being is reset to a state of synchrony and alignment. You can expect to become very relaxed, and maybe even fall asleep! 


Upcoming Events

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Some Past Events

Loving Vibrations Sound Mediation and Yoga

We will focus on community, unconditional love, and sending loving intentions to those in our lives that need the love and support.

Wellness Wednesday Sound Meditation

When: April 19th 2017

Where: The Scarlet @ 6 p.m. in Central City in the room.

Spring Cleaning Crystal Bowl Meditation @ Catspaw Yoga Studio

Aloha! Ready for some Spring cleaning on your energetic bodies! Ready to bliss out on the crystal bowls? Let's also harness the energy of the full moon and manifest our Spring goals into action!

Location: Catspaw Yoga Studio

4430 Cody St. Wheat Ridge, CO

Wellness Wednesday Vibrational Sound Meditation

Where: The Scarlet Venue

131 Main St. Central City CO 80427

When: May 10th @ 6p.m.

Sound Meditation @ Catspaw Yoga Studio in Wheat Ridge

March 12th @ 12! Full Moon and Daylight Savings Day! Join me as I play the crystal bowls for whatever intention you bring. The full moons are powerful for taking action. The light is returning. We are preparing for Spring. I plan on sharing chocolate with you afterwards.

Autumal Equinox Vibrational Sound Meditation 


Sound Therapy.......  

Assists Recovery after Illness, Surgery and Trauma

Reduces Pain Stress & Anxiety

Promotes Deep Relaxation & Spiritual Connection

Increases Creativity, Energy, Intuition & Motivation

Removes Blockages and Toxins

Improves Sleep

Harmonizes Emotions

Releases Old Behavior & Thought Patterns

Stimulates Circulation

Strengthens the Immune System



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